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Clinical Studies

Clinical studies have proven that veterinary medicine can benefit from DOGtorX™ Nutritional Pet Food formula as well.

What are Holistic Veterinary Doctors saying about DOGtorX™ formula?

"DOGtorX™ formula is having profound effects on over 66% of the 65+ canine and feline participants in an ongoing clinical study at the Holistic Pet Care clinic, New Jersey. It is especially beneficial as an adjunct to cancer treatments and in cases of hormone imbalance and neuromuscular deficiency in older dogs. Benefits are also reported in areas of strength, energy, stamina, alertness, disposition and agility. Many with poor appetites are once again enjoying food and gaining healthy weight.

I also highly recommend DOGtorX™ formula for maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for healthy dogs, as well. "

Dr Gerald Buchoff, BVSc AH
Holistic Pet Care, West Paterson, NJ
Immediate Past President of the American Holistic Veterinary Assn


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What are Doctors of Veterinary Medicine are saying about DOGtorX™ formula?

"In 2004 I conducted a small study at the Belmont Pet Hospital to support the safety and efficacy of the DOGtorX™ formula. The study focused on aging dogs with orthopedic challenges and dogs with suspected or diagnosed Cushing's disease. Laboratory work, including chemistries, CBC's, thyroid and cortisol levels, was performed both before and after the administration of DOGtorX™. No adverse effects were noted.

One participant, an aging Labrador Retriever with significant mobility problems, was taking Rimadyl and Glucosomine prior to the study with little or no results. The owner was considering euthanasia. Within a very short time after adding DOGtorX™ to his diet, the dog became as mobile as a puppy. Nothing else was added or changed in his treatment. Now, two years later, this same dog is taking only DOGtorX™ and no more drugs.

Remarkable results were also shown on dogs with Cushing's disease who became active and playful again once put on the DOGtorX™ regime.

Presently, I have about 25 patients on DOGtorX™ and the responses are overwhelmingly positive. "

Ava. V. Ackerman, DVM
Belmont Pet Hospital
Belmont, California


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A study involving 23 human subjects was completed in Ohio June of 2003. The results were impressive and confirm many results and observations made in the Romanian studies. A summary letter from the Doctor who conducted the study follows:

Serrano Family Practice
Eric Serrano, M.D.

Monday, October 11, 2004

My name is Eric Serrano, and I am MD in Pickerington, Ohio, and I practice both conventional medicine and alternative medicine. I do research for different supplement companies and actually have designed supplements myself.

The reason I am writing is because I am so excited about a recent research studied I performed about a year ago with a supplement containing Natural Growth Factors extract from chicken embryo.

I want to tell you that I didn't expect any results from this supplement because of what it is, but was I wrong.

We used 23 human subjects in my office that were picked absolutely at random and blood was drawn from each individual under the same conditions, including fasting and in the morning. No diet changes or exercise changes were allowed during the trial period.
We tried to pick as many women as men so the data was not only one sided but we ended with 16 men and 7 women, two men didn't follow up and two women did not follow up. The lab drew insulin levels, lipid panel which consist of HDL (good cholesterol), LDL (bad cholesterol), triglycerides and total cholesterol, also DHEAS, total and free testosterone and cortisol levels, all done in the am.

This was an impressive study not only because the findings but the way the subjects response to the supplement. Most of them rated like a feeling of feeling just "better", actually 70% of the subjects stated the above and the other 30% didn't "feel a thing", but the blood tests were an incredible success.
The reason I stated the above is because it is the first time that I've see any supplement only changing what was supposedly abnormal with the patient, for example subjects that had high cholesterol came down, but if normal nothing happen, and the most surprising of all if the insulin levels were high then the levels were lowered all the way down to normal and this happen in 100% of the patients that had high insulin levels with the worst level being 84.8, (0-20 mIU/ml is the range for normal levels) changing to 13.5, without changing diets, or taking medications.

This is an absolute incredible finding because mortality is related to insulin levels, the higher the levels the higher your chances of dying, and with this supplement you can cut that to half.
Just imagine something that can decrease a risk factor for cardiac disease besides cholesterol that can lower also the worst maker of all, high insulin levels.

Most of the patients also achieved a reduction in cortisol levels, the higher the starting level the greater the reduction in the AM cortisol levels. I will like to add that we used patients of all ages and in different settings and almost every single time cortisol responded to the special egg extract in a positive way. 82% patients who filled out a questionnaire noted they felt better and had an improvement in sleep quality.

This remarkable result has made me a big believer and also I highly recommended to patients not only for the above but also for the very accurate changes seen with cholesterol and the rest of the laboratory results.
Please contact me with any questions about the subject or the test result and I will be happy to provide you more information.

Eric Serrano, MD

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Neal K. Weiner, DVM

November 2007

In my veterinarian practice, I routinely treat dogs suffering Cushing's disease, joint-related issues, and from geriatric conditions. I have always been an advocate of preventative health care and the necessity of high-quality nutrition in the daily diet to promote good health and maintain a healthy life.

This past year I was introduced to a new dietary supplement for dogs, DOGtor X, and I now recommend it to all of my canine patients to be incorporated with existing prescribed treatments.

I have personally witnessed extremely impressive results within a relatively short period of time on dogs diagnosed with Cushing's disease, and I have seen favorable results when treating dogs suffering from arthritis, diabetes, hot spots, anxiety issues, hip displacia, and liver toxicity.

Also, many geriatric dogs have now shown increased energy and mobility and a demonstrable appearance of overall well-being. Recovery time for dogs recuperating from surgeries has also been reduced.

I recommend DOGtorX for dogs of all ages, to be used either as a daily tool for good health maintenance or as a supplement to be used along with their existing treatment program.


Neal K. Weiner, DVM