DOGtorX restores nature essential natural Growth factors. Natural remedy for dogs.
DOGtorX natural remedy for dog ailments

DOGtorX is a Nutritional
Pet Food Supplement
that may Help and Support
and following Conditions

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DOGtor Rx scientifically proved anti-aging formula for dogs

Vet Testimonials

Clinical studies have proven that veterinary medicine can benefit from DOGtorX™ Pet Food Supplement as well.

Clinical experience with DOGtorX in a one year study with over 100 dogs. Phase I (compilation of four month results).

Scientific research has clearly indicated that the natural ingredients of the DOGtorX Nutritional Pet Food Supplement may help support the production of cortisol and insulin in physiologically optimal amounts, which naturally alleviates several common dog diseases.

Among the above mentioned beneficial effects of this formula, personally I was most interested in cases where the disease is a result of hormone imbalance. As you know, the alternatives are scarce or very expensive in the treatment of these.

Dr. Róbert Gippert
Lead Veterinarian
Kaposvár, Hungary

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What are Holistic Veterinary Doctors saying about DOGtorRx™ formula?

"DOGtorRx™ formula is having profound effects on over 66% of the 65+ canine and feline participants in an ongoing clinical study at the Holistic Pet Care clinic, New Jersey.

Dr Gerald Buchoff, BVSc AH
Holistic Pet Care, West Paterson, NJ
Immediate Past President of the American Holistic Veterinary Assn

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What are Doctors of Veterinary Medicine are saying about DOGtorRx™ formula?

"In 2004 I conducted a small study at the Belmont Pet Hospital to support the safety and efficacy of the DOGtorRx™ formula. The study focused on aging dogs with orthopedic challenges and dogs with suspected or diagnosed Cushing's disease.

Ava. V. Ackerman, DVM
Belmont Pet Hospital
Belmont, California

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Studies performed on human subject

A study involving 23 human subjects was completed in Ohio June of 2003. The results were impressive and confirm many results and observations made in the Romanian studies. A summary letter from the Doctor who conducted the study follows:

Serrano Family Practice
Eric Serrano, M.D.

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Neal K. Weiner, DVM

November 2007

I have personally witnessed extremely impressive results within a relatively short period of time on dogs diagnosed with Cushing's disease, and I have seen favorable results when treating dogs suffering from arthritis, diabetes, hot spots, anxiety issues, hip displacia, and liver toxicity.


Neal K. Weiner, DVM